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香港青少年舞蹈總會,簡稱 “青總”

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Camy Cheung   張佳梅

 Chief Operating Officer 運營總監

 Jason Ting 丁平

Asst. Chief Operating Officer 運營總監 助理

Natalie Chung 鍾敏妍

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   成立於2002年,由香港資深舞蹈教育家 張佳梅女士創辦並擔任會長。




    青總創會至今,積極與亞洲各地藝術團體及當地政府保持緊密合作,先後在香港、深圳、東京、首爾、新加坡等城市舉辦多個大型舞蹈交流活動 :




青總盃”、“葵青盃”、“陽光盃” (體育舞蹈)



2015,2017,2019 東京舞蹈交流匯演

2017-2019 AYDG“亞洲青年舞蹈盛匯” 。


    2015年青總正式與 澳洲舞蹈教師協會(ATOD)簽約,作為亞太地區最具實力之合作伙伴,青總除積極推廣ATOD考試課程外,亦多次邀請澳洲專家來港參與研討會及舉辦工作坊、師資培訓課程,為促進多元化舞種普及推廣,培育更多舞蹈藝術人材,邁出了成功的一步。

    Hong Kong Youth Dance Association (HKYDA) was established in 2002 by Ms Camy Cheung, founder as well as President. Ms Cheung is a highly experienced dance educationalist in Hong Kong.


    As a Government’s recognized non-profit making organization, HKYDA has tremendous support from Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Art Development Council and various District Boards. Ms Cheung, together with many dedicated elites in the profession, has made invaluable contributions to promotion and development of dance education, diversified training and enhancement of teaching standard in Hong Kong over all these years. The concerted efforts have won well-deserved appreciation from all-quarters.


    Since its establishment, HKYDA has actively collaborated with other leading Asian art organizations and the relevant local governments in organizing various large-scale dance exchange activities in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore. The activities include:

Dance Competition

Asian Elite Dance Competition (AEDC)

Pan-Asia Dance Competition (ATOD) (covering ballet, modern and jazz)

Hong Kong Youth Dance Association Cup (HKYDA Cup)

Kwai Tsing Cup

Sunshine Cup (Sports Dance)

Art Exchange

2018 Seoul Dance Exchange Gala

2015, 2017, 2019 Tokyo Dance Exchange Gala

2017-2019 Asian Youth Dance Gala


    In 2015, HKYDA signed a contract with Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD). As its mighty agent in China, Hong Kong and Macau, apart from active promotion of ATOD Examination syllabus, HKYDA has invited, on many occasions, Australian professionals to participate in seminar, workshops and teachers’ training course in Hong Kong. This has made a promising start towards further promotion of multiple forms of dancing and nurturing of young talents.


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